Architectural Cast Stone

This is an alternative to the rather expensive natural stone, and is on average a third of the price. We can supply standard or bespoke units which can be moulded to almost any shape, also the beauty of cast stone is that it can be cast in many different colours to match natural sandstone. So this gives you the opportunity to reproduce the genuine look and feel of natural stone.


Semi Dry Cast Products

Semi dry cast components are typically used as non load bearing architectural dressings. We can manufacture everything from window cills and surrounds, to keystones and date stones, to columns, porticos, pavilions, corbels and pier caps. The process of producing semi dry cast products is quicker, so this gives you better lead times than wet cast, and again a range of colours can be produced to replicate natural stone.


 Wet Cast Products

An extremely versatile material allowing components of almost any size and colour to be produced. The inclusion of reinforcement to large panels and pillars using steel cages, can produce structural components often eliminating the need for structural steel work and allowing a quicker on site build programme. It has a surface texture that weathers slower than dry cast stone, and offers a hard a durable finish. Finishes include etching, sand/grit blasting and polishing to give the required appearance that you require.



The use of glass reinforced concrete (GRC) produces strong yet lightweight components. It is 80% lighter than traditional cast stone, so this makes it easier to both handle and install so is popular with many architects and developers for new builds and refurbishments. As with wet and dry cast we can use various finishing processes to achieve the required appearance, and the material is just as strong and durable and again can be formed into virtually any shape or size. It is often used as a retro fit to building structures and requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking smart.


Brick or Natural Stone Faced Products

Precast concrete components with a brick slip or natural stone slab cast or bonded onto the exposed surfaces can offer an economic answer to many architectural and construction problems.

Structural elements in a range of sizes can be produced allowing features to be created which would otherwise require expensive fixing methods and/or structural steelwork.

Complicated details can be produced in a controlled factory environment with the added benefit of reducing the on site build time and the need for any temporary support work.

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